Mesaje texte si sms de Noapte buna in engleza - Good Night persoaneiiubite

Mesaje urari si sms pentru persoana iubita de Noapte Buna in limba engleza

Art of living: First of all,dont make friends, if made,dont go close to them, if gone,dont like them, if liked,then plz.. dont leave them. Good Night, sweet dreams...

You may think that I forgot you. You may think that I don’t care, and you may think that I’m not thinking of you. Well, you’re wrong. You’re still in my dreams… goodnight

As u go 2 bed 2 night, I ordered bats 2 guard u tight. I told some ghosts to dance in white, & 2 make sure u r alryt, i’LL ask the dracula 2 kiss ur neck goodnight…

Don't ever give up when u r down, it doesn't matter if u fall many times - just remember that each time u fall, i'll never let u reach the ground, trust me, i will always be around. Good Night

Please remind me 2 remind U. about reminding me to send U. this reminder that reminds me of reminding YOU. that U never have to remind me 2 remember U, I ALWAYS DO!

A day is going to end again, It is nice to have a friend like U, making my everyday seems so great, Thank U my good friend lastly, good night n sweet dreams...

It’s funny how big of an impact u have on me, It’s like when I see u, u don’t even have to speak , All u can do is smile & it can make my day & That’s how I remember my reasons 4 loving u.

When Nights are long & Friends are few,I sit by my Window & think of u. a silent whisper a silent tear. with all my Heart i wish you were here. Good night & sweet dreams

i wish i could be there to hold u tight, instead of saying this loving good nite.

G-o to bed
O-ff the lights
O-ut of tensions
D-reams come
N-ice sleep
I-gnore worries
G-et up early
H-ave a nice day
T-hank God always

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