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Halloween spirit and Halloween Costumes!

Costumes are a big part of most people's Halloween celebrations and Halloween will be here before you know it.

Here are some more creative costumes that cost little or no money:

Scarecrow : Cut strips of different straw-colored felt and hot-glue them inside the sleeves of an old flannel shirt and the pockets of some old jeans or overalls (so it looks like straw peeking out). Add a floppy hat and you're good to go.

Deviled egg : Attach a yellow felt circle to a plain white T-shirt and stick red devil horns on your head. And baby deviled egg : Baby can dress in bright yellow, ride on a white pillowcase in his infant carrier and wear little red horns on his head.

Cei care doresc un costum de Halloween exclusivist, care poarta semnatura designerului Jean Paul Gaultier, o pot face... daca îsi permit sa mearga la shopping în strainatate.  Fashionistele pot alege de Halloween costume de sirene, create de Jean Paul Gaultier si puse in vanzare in magazinele Harros, Harvey Nichols si Selfridges.

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