Lyrics "Zdob si Zdub - So Lucky" Eurovision 2011 - versuri

Lyrics "Zdob si Zdub - So Lucky" Eurovision 2011 - versuri

Versuri "Zdob si Zdub - So Lucky" Moldova Eurovision 2011

Ray ban glasses,
I move with ease
In my convertible breeze.

whiskey on the rocks
life on the top
my party never stops!

A dusk to dawn sinner
Love traded in for lust
It’s emotions I don’t trust

On top
The cream of the crop
You know I love to rock
The fun will never stop

You see
It’s all about me
The servants and the king
I’m the ruler of the world

A tug
She pulls me like a drug
I want her on the rug
But she’s not that kind of girl

I see you where the lights glow
You pull me in your private side show
And now I see your moves in slowmo
I try to kiss you, but you slip away

Yet you never walk away from me
Are you a shadow of what might be?
Why should one woman stand above the rest?
There is a mystery to you deep beneath the flesh!

Those eyes pulling me in.
A body made to sin.
But I can not win.

I’m ready at the gate.
Don’t tell me it’s too late.
Her fire starts to melt my heart.

She’s clean.
Not part of any scene.
She’s more like a dream
I don't want to wake up from!

I see,
She’s somehow changing me.
She’s where I want to be.
Can’t stand a moment without her


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